Saturday, May 31, 2008

I have not posted anything for quite some time. I think I might have put on a kilo or two but overall the lipo'd areas still look okay. Have had a back problem for 2 months and subsequent to that sat with a severe chest infection for almost a month. Once I am back at gym I will take and post some new pics, but until then I just decided to re-upload my lipo journey pics again. Click on the "May 2008" link on the right to view all the pics from pre op to my revision surgery.


KiDeN~H.D.3 said...

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Sandra said...

A sweet hello! & Wow you had a lot of work done. Hope your feeling well. Do take care.

Sandra said...

Oh forgot to ask... Why the screw?

Natali said...
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Brigitte said...

Hi Sandra, Sorry for only replying now. Been neglecting this blog. The screw is apparently to keep the liquids in before they lipo that area. They put in saline solution with lidocaine for anesthetic purposes.

pia said...

Hi there, You look stunning. I will be going for lipo on the 3 Nov. Is it possible that I communicate with you for support and some advice postop?