Thursday, January 01, 2009

D Day

Two weeks pre surgery I had my pre op visit. My ps discussed the surgery again and told me about possible complications which could occur. Nerve damage, scarring, asymmetry, hematoma .......and more.

I really did not want to hear any of the above although from my own research I have read about all of these problems.

The days leading up to my surgery were the worst. I just wanted to get it over and done with.


Had to be at the facility by 7.30. I got undressed, relaxed in bed and waited for my ps to arrive. He asked whether I was nervous....NO....not at all, just wanted to get started. He did the markings and then I was given a tablet to take. I think it must have been something to make me drowsy as I recall later getting up to go to the mirror as I wanted to take pics of my face with the markings only to here the nurse careful I had a drip in and it could have fallen over. I don't remember having it put it....she took a pic or two for me.

Later she told me to come to the theatre next door and lay on the table. I was a little out of it then as I do not remember much after that. During the procedure I remember my doctor telling me twice to look to the right as I must have been turning my head.

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