Friday, January 02, 2009

Day of surgery

My surgery must have been finished after 4 hours or so, I woke up at about 2 and called my neighbour to come and fetch me. I did not have any pain, but felt tight and swollen. I got dressed and went and sat in the doctors waiting room. He has a lovely facility and his waiting room has comfortable couches (its like your own lounge). My neighbour said when she walked in and saw me she was shocked. Lol ....I must have looked a sight. He should have sent me back to my room.....I wonder is I scared his other patients. I felt ok so did not realise how bad I must have looked.

When I arrived home my neighbour said that she felt sorry for my Mom after seeing her facial expression. Cannot remember much of the first day....I think I slept a lot of the time although it was difficult being propped up with pillows. I started using ice packs the first day.

The pics below were taken the day after my surgery. I was quite swollen and my face did hurt although according to forum posts I read there was not supposed to be much pain. I attributed it to me having had fat injections as well and those areas were extremely swollen and bruised.


Anonymous said...

I must say i found your link on the e health forum and you look fantastic, 20 years younger, :) hope your life is feeling a little more complete now you have a brand new face. Good luck Sarah

Brigitte said...

Thanks Sarah and yes I do feel much better now that I do not have to see my saggy face everytime I look in the mirror. :-)