Thursday, January 01, 2009


For all of you who have been following this blog and whom I have left in the lurch since before May......yes I intended posting new pics, but with this and that I never got around to it.

Well I have had facelift surgery in November and wasn't sure if I should blog about it or not as there are only a handful of people (friends and family) who know about it. I also was hesitant about uploading pics as I do not want ppl I know to see this, but eventually decided that I shall just block out the eyes and hope for the best.

The reason for this is that when one wants to have cosmetic surgery, there are very few blogs on facelifts and usually the doctors' pics on their websites never change. I have been thinking about a fl and have been bothered about my saggy jawline for quite some time and have done a lot of research on the net, yet doctors websites never have new pics and I am sure only the best pics are chosen.

It would be so helpful to see pics from ppl who have posted it themselves instead of carefully selected photos.

What really bothered me was my jowls. That is all I wanted fixed. I asked the surgeon I was going to for botox whether I could have a facelift under local anesthetic as I did not want general and if this was not possible I would not have cosmetic surgery. He says he does almost all of his facelifts under local anesthetic with sedation. I wanted it done, but it took me a year to eventually decide on doing. He suggested that I have upper blepharoplasty, neck lipo and have the fat transferred to under my eyes which were quite hollow, my nasolabial folds and my lips. I trusted his judgement and had also met patients of his who were 2 weeks post facial surgery and he showed me many before and after pics of faces which were similar to mine.

My only stipulations were that I looked the same, but only fresher and that I did not end up with lips which looked like pornstars lips.

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