Monday, January 15, 2007

10 weeks post lipo

Its now 10 weeks post lipo. The lump on my left hand hip has disappeared and the ropey lumps running down the right hand side waist are much smaller but still there. I still have healing to do so I think the waist is just taking a while longer to disappear. From time to time I get very itchy on the lipo'd areas and sometimes I feel more bloated and a tiny bit swollen after exercise. When running I still have discomfort on my flanks from the jarring so I rather cycle and walk on the treadmill in the gym. I have been told it takes at least 6 months to heal properly and although I feel completely healed, I suppose the discomfort when running shows that certain areas will take a while longer to be 100% healed.

Waist measurement at navel

16 Nov 2006 87cm 34in
19 Nov 2006 85cm 33and a half in
12 Dec 2006 84cm 33 in
15 Jan 2007 81cm 32in

Waist measurement above navel

12th Dec 2006 81cm 32in
15th Jan 2007 79cm 31in


16th Nov 2006 97cm 38in
19th Nov 2006 95.5cm 37in
12th Dec 2006 92cm 36in
15th Jan 2007 91cm 35.8in


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Susie said...

Hi Brigitte!

Thanks for blogging about your story! I noticed that it's been a few years since you got your liposuction done, and was wondering how the outcome is, maintaining the areas, any long term effects, and anything to watch out for or to keep in mind..