Thursday, February 08, 2007

3 months post op

I have been for my 3 month post op appointment and although my results are awesome, I had some questions about my lower abdomen and my right hip. The right hip seems to have a small indent and I asked my ps about this and he said he could see what I mean and that he could do a small revision on my right flank which should sort out the area I mentioned. I also asked about my lower stomach. I have an appendectomy scar on my side and the area around this scar was puffy and raised before I had the liposuction and he said he would try and see if he could lessen this, but post lipo its still slightly puffy and also I wondered whether a tiny bit more could be taken off my lower abs. He examined me and said that due to me having several kids, my skin is a little stretched and also he said there is only very little fat on my stomach now and he could try and see if he could take a little more out when he does the revision, but said he would not expect to get very much out. He looked to see whether I had a caesarean as I think he might have suggested a tummy tuck but I immediately said that I do not have any other scars and I do not want those huge scars I have seen with a tt. Also I could not afford a tt either way, so what cannot be improved with lipo I can live with. He said to me that I have a very good body but as we all know others might think it fine, but we see our flaws more than others do.Even if there is not much more improvement after the revision, I will still be happy as my results are very good. When I have the revision done he waives his fee and I would just need to pay for facilities and whatever he uses for the procedure.

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