Thursday, June 21, 2007

Revision Day

I have two hours to go before I have to be at my doctors rooms for my revision. This time I have asked him to do it under local anaesthetic only. I am a bit nervous, but I usually tolerate pain quite well so just cant wait for it to be over. I have had a bad flu up until about 3 weeks ago. It lingered on for about 6 weeks, so am a bit run down and have been craving chocolates so for the past 2 weeks even though I know I should not I have had chocolate in some form or the other daily. After today I have to control myself as I have not been to gym as well in more than 2 months so need to get my act together. Fortunately I have not put on any weight according to the scale, but just because it does not show does not mean that its not on its way to where I don't need it.

Just before going in will take some pics and post it later and will track my progress again post op.

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