Thursday, June 21, 2007

Revision done

The circled area is where there was an indentation.

I am now 5 hours post revision. Just before leaving for the procedure I intended to take pre-op pics only to find that my camera battery was flat, so will have to rely on pics my ps had taken at my pre-revision consultation. I will be seeing him on Monday just before he goes on holiday and I hope he will be able to mail my pics to me before he leaves.

My old garment is not very tight on me so I had to change when I got home to one that had been taken in a bit and also put on a binder on top of the lipo'd area.
I was quite nervous as I did not want to be sedated. He gave me a bit of meds to calm me and then proceeded with the lipo. Most of the areas were okay, just a tugging of pulling feeling, however some spots hurt especially when it felt like he was touching a rib. It was uncomfortable in places, but I am happy that I had it under local only. I went in by taxi and intended to take a taxi home, but after the procedure (must have taken about 1 and a half hours) popped across the road to have something to eat with my son (he bunked school to accompany me) and then decided to walk 2 blocks to look for a taxi instead of calling and being made to wait for them to come. When we reached a main road, a minibus (something between a normal bus and a private taxi) stopped so I decided that we might as well use it. It was about a 10 minutes ride and then just had to walk up a hill to my home.

I could definitely not have done that if I had used sedation.

My camera battery was charged when I arrived home, so took some post op pics. It looks quite swollen and large. The circled area was where I had a indentation and my ps took out a little fat above and below the indentation. He lipo'd my tummy a bit as well.

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