Friday, December 08, 2006


Today its 5 weeks since my lipo. Compared to my "before" pics I really look good. However I think we are all the same in that we soon forget how we looked before and then start to find certain faults with our present shape. For me I think I could have had a tiny bit more fat removed from the tummy and on my left hand side slightly above waist I still have quite a bit of fat which I can hold onto if I grab it.

Took my measurements today and the waist area around my navel is still 85cm 33in which is disappointing as I would like to have a smaller waist measurement although if you look at me my waist does not look large.

My hips have gone down a bit more and are now 94.5cm 37in.

Anyway I am going to really exercise as much as I can until January when I see my ps and see what he says about the areas I feel could have had more fat out of.

I will take some new pics this week and post it.

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