Thursday, November 23, 2006

3 week post op visit Q&A

Tomorrow I will actually be exactly 3 week post op, but I saw my ps today. For those of you from the MMH forum, who wanted to know about tanning and lumps I will answer them here.

Q: What are the lumps and will they go away? There are some bumps in a few places, but I have one lump on my hip bone which is quite prominent.

A: The lumps you feel are scar tissue. The bumps will disappear with time, but the lump which is on the hip bone which is closer to the surface of the skin I should massage as follows.

Grip the lump between two fingers and massage it. This should help break down the scar tissue. (I will keep on doing this until the lump has disappeared.

Q: Can I tan now or should I wait and if so how much longer?

A: He recommends that I wait at least another month before tanning and to definitely use a sunblock when I do so. He says the dangers of tanning too soon is that my skin could develop pigmentation marks which is something that he says I definitely would not want.

Q: Will my flanks and tummy still go down some more?

A: There is definitely still swelling in my flanks, hips and on my thigh area and this will definitely improve over the coming months. (My saddle bag area looks so good already I had no idea it was still a bit swollen)

Q: How much longer do I need to wear my garment for (its been 3 weeks )

A: Wear it for another week which will make it 4 weeks all in all. (If I feel I need to use the garment at times I can do so )

Q: When can I exercise and do weights etc without having to restrict myself.

A: You can go back to normal exercising as of now. (My body will obviously tell me if I have had enough)

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