Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Day 4 post op

Last night I could actually sleep on my side for the first time since the liposuction. I normally sleep on my side, but could not do so as it hurt too much after the procedure. I could also get out of bed by myself with ease. My stomach doesn't hurt as much when I get up so I guess that is a sign that I am healing. Pity the swelling doesn't seem to have gone down much yet and the bruising down the side of my legs are very bad today. The saddle bags were not that big and only a small area was worked on yet the bruising goes right down the leg to almost the knees. When I drove the kids to school it was difficult to twist my waist to look over my shoulder when changing lanes etc but it does not hurt as much as yesterday so I am expecting each day to get better from now on. Maybe if I stay off my feet a lot more over the next couple of days it might help to heal sooner. I am wearing track pants, but the elastic waist hurts if I pull it down and it rests on my flanks. My hips look so big that I wonder if I am really going to look slimmer when all this swelling goes down. Maybe I need to lose a kilo or two (about 4 pounds) just to look more in proportion. Once all the swelling is almost gone I will take a lot more photos and try and decide then if I need to lost a little weight or not. I really hope that my stomach is going to be flat. I cannot imagine it being flat as its so swollen now. (At least I hope its only swelling)

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