Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Day 2 post op

I am feeling okay today. The only problems I have is when I have to get up from a sitting or lying down position. I could do it on my own with time, but call for help when I need to get up. When I end up moaning and groaning when trying to get up, my son asks me whether I think it was still worth having the liposuction done. I cannot really see s difference in my lower abdomen yet as there is quite a lot of swelling, but my the area where my saddle bags were are flat and smooth. It wasn't that bad to begin with but now that its gone I can really see how much better I look from the back. I really am pleased.
The other problem I have is that due to the swelling, the sides of the garment where the zip and inside padded strip is leaves a long line down from my waist to my thigh and is causing a welt. this area is very uncomfortable. My doctor called me this morning to find out how I was doing and because it was a Sunday morning and so unexpected I completely forgot to ask about the marks from the pressure garment. He said the procedure went very well. I mailed his secretary with pics of the welts and will call him in the morning and ask him whether it could cause any irregularities or not. I bathed this afternoon and how wonderful it was to lie in water without the garment on, but I was told not to leave the garment off for more than 15 minutes when I bathe so could not lie for ages in the water which would have been so soothing.

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