Tuesday, November 07, 2006

day 3 post op and welts

Woke up this morning and still have same difficulty getting up, but I do not have pain as such. Its more like tenderness of the area and when getting up in the morning I cannot walk straight until a few minutes later. Once I am up and about everything is fine. Called my doctor and he said not to worry about the welts and just to make sure that the foam strip inside the pressure garment is not bunched up and is laying flat against my skin. I will be seeing him on Thursday 9th Nov.

It was a nice hot day here today so it was not very nice having to wear this tight garment, so when it was time to bathe instead of my usual 15 minutes I think I stayed about 25 minutes in the bath and kept on adding hot water as it felt so good. BIG MISTAKE.

When I got out and went to put on a fresh pressure garment, I struggle terribly to get into the garment. I think my stomach had swelled even more. Guess I wont be doing that again. Its going to be hot all week so I its not going to be comfortable at all. If the swelling would just go down a bit it would make all the difference.

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