Monday, November 06, 2006

The Consultation

In October I finally had an appointment with a plastic surgeon. He seems quite well known amongst people I know and I saw comments he made in Aesthetic Surgery magazine. I firstly looked up his website and read through all the procedures.

He used to have photos on his website but apparently now in South Africa plastic surgeons may not display photos. I guess here we are not allowed to advertise. Makes no sense to me, but anyway made an appointment and finally went to see him.

I told him what I was unhappy with ie. my abdomen and actually face as well although I cannot afford both at this time, my fat middle body was what I wanted to do something about first.

I found out during the consultation that he is a friend of my GP who is a musician as well and has some CDs out. When he had a look at my stomach I asked him what he thought of my saddle bags and if he had to give me an opinion on what to do whether he would suggest this done as well. They are not all that large, but if I should wear tight jeans to tight workout pants, you would see the slight bump. He looked and said yes we could take a bit out of both sides and showed me what he meant. I intended going for tummy and flanks only, but thought what the hell, I might as well do the saddlebags at the same time.

He said I could think about it and make an appointment for the procedure if I wanted to go ahead, but I decided then and there and managed to get an appointment for 3 weeks later.

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