Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Day of lipo - post op

I have absolutely no recollection of getting dressed and exactly how I got home. There are bits and pieces of memory here and there, but for the most part I was totally out of it. I have some recollection of lifting my head on the operating table and telling my doc that it was a bit painful, but that the area he was doing at the time is not so bad. Whether this in actual fact happened or not I do not know. On the photographs they took for me a lot of the time my eyes were open, but I do not have any memory of the actual procedure. I arrived back home around about 4 on the day of the op. I cannot remember if I had a lot of pain or not and I slept on and off till 3am the following morning. I drained quite a bit and had to change my garment 6 times from the time I came home until 3am the following morning. When the garment came off it had to be washed and dried with a hair-dryer to ensure that I would be able to change. Bedding had to be changed and we did not have enough linen savers so the family cut up large plastic bags and had to position it under the mattress cover, on top of the cover and under the sheet as well.
At 3am when I awoke, I had to struggle to get out of bed as all the areas which had been lipo'd were tight and hurt when I tried to sit up or get out of bed.
I desperately needed the toilet and not to pee, so I had to try and make sure the garment was positioned correctly so that I don't mess on it (not an easy task when you are trying to balance so as not to sit down properly on the toilet because the top legs (at the back - saddle bags)hurt)
Eventually managed to get back to bed and felt suprisingly okay and was now wide awake so watched tv for 2-3 hours before going back to sleep.
Although it hurt when I moved, the pain was not severe enough to warrant taking pain killers.

I sat and wondered how I actually managed to direct the nurse to my home and if I managed to get inside without any of the neighbours seeing me as I do remember hanging on this nurses arm when climbing the steps to my apartment. I did not tell anyone but my children and my mother about the liposuction and I do not want anyone else to know.

My Mom was very anti me having this done and she was worried about what could happen to me under sedation, so now that its over she at least is not nagging about me having done this. When I told her that I was having this procedure done she was upset and told me that I shouldn't and that I am the type of person who once starts will want to keep on doing more and more.

This is most probably because I like watching the extreme makeover shows on reality tv and she sees me looking at before and after pics on the net of face lifts and lipo.

She obviously doesn't really know me at all. She doesn't realise how terrified I was of the sedation and possible complications as well, but I just said that I am not afraid in order not to panic her even more than she already was. There are other parts of my body which I dislike as well, but can live with. For instance since a teen my nose always bothered me and since then I always thought it would be nice if I could have a nose job, but I have honestly never seriously considered having one.

Once you reach a certain age it seems that fat gets put on in certain areas in some people and if you don't start exercising and watching your diet when it starts, then it gets out of hand and its not easy getting rid of certain stubborn areas of fat as one cannot predict where weight will be lost when going on a diet.

I definitely intend having a face lift next. My face resembles my grandmother now and I cannot bear looking in the mirror and seeing the jowls and how unhappy I look because of the sagging. I asked my surgeon to look at my face and tell me what HE would do if asked and he said he would do my lids (blepharoplasty) neck lipo and muscle tightening and the face lift. When I pinch my lids the excess skin stays like that for a bit so I guess that is what he means.

I would just be happy if my skin was not so hangy on my face.

People always comment that I do not look my age and that I look younger. Sometimes when I see people my age I agree with that, but that is no consulation for me. I could look 20 yrs younger than people my age, but if I have the saggy face it would still make me unhappy.

In my opinion I was never pretty, but when made up I looked okay and felt confident. I don't anymore. So even though my nose, bust need doing as well, I definitely will not do those areas for the simple fact that I am okay with how it is now even though it is not that great unless its possible to lift a bust and it would look nice without implants as I do not want to have those and the breast lift pics I have seen always seem to be done on people with large bust or tiny bust with hangy skin, but then an implant is put in as well so it looks good. The bust lift on small bust I had managed to find pics of don't look as good as the ones with implants. I WILL have my face done eventually though.

My mother asks me why I bother to have the lipo done as its not as though I have much of a social life (I do not have a boyfriend either) and all I do is stay at home and possibly put on weight on my tummy again.

After spending so much money (well a lot in my eyes anyway) I definitely will feel better and be more motivated at gym to improve the rest of my body with exercise. Also I did it and will do the face-lift eventually to make ME happy and so that I can feel good about myself. If I had done the procedure to please a man I think THAT would be an indicator that something is wrong with having surgery.

I believe that one should have plastic surgery if one wants, but only for yourself and not to please a boyfriend or husband.

I know that I for one will walk tall again and feel confident about my body once again even though I should have a paper bag on my head as in my mind my head and body do not match, but I will live with my face as it is for now and maybe within the next year will do something about it.

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