Monday, November 13, 2006

Two photos

Picture on left taken on Nov 10th and the one on the right taken Nov 13th. You can see the lumpiness on the waistline of the Nov 13th pic which I have circled.

Have found some more lumps this afternoon. I massaged all the areas as I read on a liposuction forum that this helps to get rid of the lumps. I had intended to call my psurgeon and ask about the lumps, but after reading that many people do get these lumps, decided to wait a few days and see if the massage helps at all. I am waiting for my doctor to send me the before pics he took as I did not take any and I want to see how much difference there is between the before and after pics.

The tape I had over the welts from the garment had made my skin underneath red and irritated so I took it off, but yesterday the welts were quite bad again so decided to use it again. Will just take it off for a day or two when it gets too irritated.

I know I have to wait quite a bit longer before I see results, but my stomach still looked big on a photo I took today and I cannot imagine that it really is going to get flatter so am feeling a bit despondent, but as its only 10days post op I most probably am expecting too much.

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