Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Day 5

I woke this morning feeling as though I did not sleep too well. The welts at my sides (from the garment) really bother me. When I woke this morning I zipped down both sides of the garment and rubbed the welts lightly. This felt so good.
My flanks are still quite numb and tender, stomach is tender but not too bad and my saddle bag area seems a bit more tender than yesterday. I took my waist and hip measurement to compare later to see if when the swelling goes down there is any change.

Waist: 89cm 35inches
Hip: 99.5cm 39 inches

As I mentioned earlier in my blog, I put on weight from July to September this year and prior to that my hips were 92cm 36 inches. If I lose weight my bust if going to be soft and small and saggy again, but I think my hip measurement just prior to the procedure which was 99cm 38.9inches is a bit too much for me. I already feel like my bust is a tiny bit smaller and soft. However having gone through the lipo I really think I should try and reduce my measurements. I will try the gym route first and take it from there. I read up on the net that a person with apple shape with weight on the stomach is more likely to end up with health problems that those with a pear shape with the weight distributed on the hips. My above waist measurement I took at the spot where my navel is as the person who measured me for my pressure garment said that was my waist measurement. However I am not sure if that is where I should take the measurement. Anyone who knows exactly where the waist measurement should be taken, please leave a comment for me.

Below is a link to a site where they have a calculator to determine whether you have a healthy waist to hip ratio.

Mine at the above post op measurement is a health risk. However they say one should take the measurement above the navel. Will re calculate when I take my garment off to bath later.

Apparently if you were high risk pre lipo and after lipo you waist measurement is within the normal range, it does not mean your risk is now less. If you were high risk prior to the liposuction you should follow a health eating plan and exercise on a regular basis to reduce your risk.

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