Thursday, November 09, 2006

Day 6 consultation

Saw my PS today. Had the stitches removed and the areas where the pressure garment had left welts and the stitches were taped with micropore (I think) and they told me to apply tissue oil which they gave me directly onto this tape and to also massage the tissue oil into the areas which were lipo'd. After returning home I realised that they missed one stitch so removed it myself.

He said that I look much slimmer already to which I replied "I wish". Felt like such a fool afterwards for making that comment, but anyway he said that I am still swollen and that this would still go down over the coming weeks.

The nurse told me that sometimes it keeps on improving until the 6 months mark. I asked when I could resume going to gym. Not that I am ready yet, my treated areas still feels a bit too sore to move around too vigorously. She said I should wear my pressure garment for 6 weeks. I thought I only needed to wear it for 3 weeks, so was disappointed as its going into summer here and obviously I want to go to the beach and don't feel like living in this tight garment for so long and I told her so. She reluctantly said that minimum then would be 4 weeks and that when I resume going to gym I should not really work the areas where I was lipo'd and to begin with slow walking and that upper body weights were okay but to take it easy with lower body.

Feeling very tired today so will forgo taking pics and posting them. Maybe tomorrow.

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