Monday, November 27, 2006


Its now 3 weeks post op and I am feeling great. I still have to wear the pressure garment for another week, so although I want to go back to gym I have no inclination to do so with the garment on so I will stick it out for another week. There are still some tender areas and I am still massaging the lump near my left hip bone which I don't think has gotten any smaller yet.

When I had the pressure garment made, at the plastic surgeons instructions I also had to have a binder made. Its very similar to one I bought many years ago.
At that time, when my stomach looked a bit larger than normal I would massage on firming gels and creams and wrap the area (abdomen upper) in plastic wrap (gladrap or saran wrap) and over the wrap I would put on the binder and pull it quite tight and sleep with it on.

In the morning when I awoke and took it off, the area would be wet from sweating and would be tighter and firmer and the skin texture would be really nice.

The binder could be worn over the pressure garment on either the upper abdomen, lower abdomen or even hips. So even if your pressure garment becomes a bit large, putting the binder over the garment does the job of keeping the area tightly bound very well. It has velcro strips on it so it can be easily adjusted to fit either a smaller area or a larger one.

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