Sunday, November 19, 2006


I still have lumpy areas and have been massaging a couple of times a day. The right side waist running down to my hip bone is the worst. This area hurts when I massage it, so as long as I rub from my hip in an upward direction then its fine. Any other way and it seems as if something is pulling inside so this is the only area where I need to be more gentle. After waking, I loosen my garment and before even getting out of bed, I grab the tissue oil and give my stomach and hips a good massage. I only do my thighs about once a day as I have no problems there.

I have a theory about that. The area where I used to have saddle bags was very firm and hard from gym. I had a small area on either side (saddle bag) which was not very big. You could not grab any skin or fat in this area because overall it was firm with just the small problem and if you prodded the area other the small pocket of fat, the muscles were hard and firm. I think because of this the ps took his time and had to be careful as there was not much fat and also he could see better how he was progressing as it was a firm area to begin with so was more in control. I think maybe if you lose weight and firm up as much as possible before the lipo then the result is better and apparent sooner. (Easier said than done though)

I may be totally wrong, but those are my assumptions.

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