Thursday, November 30, 2006

One month post op

Tomorrow I will be 1 month post op. My hip has decreased by a tiny bit, but other than that my measurements are the same. I still am massaging the lump near my left hip-bone, but sometimes it feels as though its smaller, but I am not sure. The right hand side from above my waist to my hip-bone still has a few bumps running down vertically and this side is also still much more tender to touch than anywhere else. Lately even though my stomach is much, much flatter than it was I still feel that a bit more fat could have been removed but I guess I should hold judgement until a bit more time has past. Was out for a few hours today and as its hot here, the pressure garment because just too unbearable. It was chafing my waist and underneath from sweating became red and irritated. My ps said I could stop using it from tomorrow so I am sure a day earlier wont make any difference so as soon as I got home I took it off. What a relief. My flanks are still quite numb but I was told that this could take a while to get back to normal and it doesn't bother me so I wont stress about it.

16 Nov...........19 Nov.........30 Nov

87cm 34in..85cm 33in....85cm 33 in..Waist

97cm 38cm..95.5cm 37.5in.94.5 37.2in..Hip

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