Monday, November 06, 2006

pressure garment

Having made the appointment for 3rd November his receptionist mailed me details of the person I was to go see to have a pressure garment made up.

I did this the following week and started panicking about the lipo. I started worrying about what would happen to my children if something should happen to me during surgery. I worried about deep vein thrombosis or fat embolism.

The more I worried, the more I look up what could go wrong during the procedure.

A week prior to my surgery I had to see my surgeon and told him of my concerns. He really was great and listened to me and explained to me what could happen, but that severe complications rarely happen and that I was not to worry. Easier said than done.

Both he and his receptionist were really nice and when he heard that I intended to take a taxi home after the procedure he was not happy with this and called and arranged a nurse to take me home and settle me and be with me for an hour or two after the procedure.

Back home I continued to worry and panic. Sleepless night continued. I have migraines and had a continuous migraine from 5th October until the 3rd November the day of my procedure. Of course having been suffering with this until the day of my lipo I was worried that something could happen to me because of this, but my doctor assured me that I would be fine

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