Monday, November 06, 2006

photo lipo saddlebag

I wasn't intending to do my saddlebags, but decided that I might as well do it at the same time as my abdomen. If I did not do it at this time, I most probably would never have it done as I do not intend to do any more lipo after this.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your experience. Am contemplating lipo for my saddlebags but i'm worried about recovery time. Would you think that I can go back to work in a week after minimal lipo on my outer thighs?

Brigitte said...

It should not be a problem to return to work after a week. Sitting on the loo hurts and sitting on the lipo'd area hurts, so take a soft cushion with you to sit on. I had abdomen,flanks and hips lipo'd and in my case the saddlebag area hurt less than the other areas.