Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Numb and Itchy

Its been 12 days since my lipo. Flanks and saddle bag area remains extremely tender and my flank area is still extremely numb. So far I have found 7 lumps in my abdomen and on my flank. Have been massaging the area 3 times a day, but not sure if I am using the right method or not. My right flank is itching terribly and both flanks seem very puffy as though they have water inside (according to my Mum) I suppose this is still swelling. From the back I think I still don't look very good (was better a few days ago) but from the front I can see the difference in my shape. I decided to put my belly ring back in, but struggled to do so as it seemed that the hole had started to close. Took a while but eventually had to force it through the skin. It hurt for a while after that, but applied Bactroban to help prevent infection and it seems fine right now.

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