Saturday, November 18, 2006

So far so good

The forum MMH has been invaluable to me. Its difficult having problems occur and you cannot call your ps for every small concern, so its been great being able to post and ask questions about things that bother you and to hear from people who are either "lipo veterans" or had undergone lipo around about the same time as myself. A special thanks to "skier girl" and "iwantashape" Skier girl went for her 2 week post op yesterday and was told that the lumps are normal and that it is either scar tissue or fluid filled. She was told that massaging the area and wearing of the compression garment is important. I see my ps next week Thursday so will ask if it "definitely" will go away (lumps) and if its doesn't then what then. Other than that I am healing well, the only discomfort really is my saddle bag area. Cannot sit with my full weight on the toilet. Hurts too much, but sitting on chair etc is fine. Sometimes when I stretch over whilst lying down to get something on the other side of the bed, I get a sharp stinging, burning sensation and sort of pulling sensation in my flank. I think my flanks are still swollen and taking longer to get back to normal that the rest of the areas, but as I am only 2 weeks post op, its to be expected. Its still early days.

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