Monday, November 06, 2006

I had wanted to try and get all the photos that were taken posted today, but I think I was on my feet too much today and I took a quick bath at about 4pm as my PS told me not to leave the pressure garment off for longer than 15 minutes.
It is quite hot here today and it felt so good being out of the garment and in the water that I must have been without the garment for about 25 minutes and when I finished bathing and had to put on a clean garment, it seemed as though I had become even more swollen than before and struggled to get the garment on. It is so tight now that it feels awful and I think I should get off my feet and lie down in order for the swelling to settle done somewhat.
I will try and post more about the happenings directly after the lipo 3 days ago and post more pictures post op as well.

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