Monday, November 06, 2006

D Day

I arrived at my doctors rooms at 10.30am. I was so nervous that I actually felt ill. He breezed in said HI and how are you. I said fine which was quite stupid as I was far from fine.They called me in, told me to undress and I will be cleaned for marking. His nursing sister cleaned the areas to be lipsuctioned and he came in an did his markings. The anaethetist came in and did a pre-op consult and off I went into his theatre.They told me to lay face down and then the anaethetist put in a port for him to use and gave me a few cc's of something. A minute or two later another few cc's and by then I started calming down and was feeling quite fine. Obviously whatever he was giving me (sedation) was calming me. I think by the third lot he injected I was sedated and the procedure started.

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