Saturday, November 11, 2006

bad day at the movies

Went to a movie today and regretted it 10 minutes into the movie. I was terribly uncomfortable and sat on one butt cheek and then the other but could not get comfortable. I cannot explain the feeling, but its a sort of numb dull hurt...not exactly an ache. It feels something like when your hand has been touching snow and it gets that ache inside. Its like that. I could not wait to get home. I guess I should still not overdo things for the next few days.

My lower stomach has a lump the size of a small marble in it. It does not hurt, just feels strange. Went to an online forum on lipo and some people say that this happens, but mostly goes away with massage and the binder.

Well I started massaging this and the rest of the lipo area with Healing tissue oil my plastic surgery gave me on Thursday. I hope it goes away.

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